About the Boutique

Royal Kids Collection is a one of a kind clothing boutique that’s best defined as a luxury children’s fashion haven; designed with integrity, passion and much afterthought.

Royal Kids Collection is an American fashion boutique founded in Spring 2017 and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after kids boutiques in the market. The founder, Chrissy Canson, is the mother of two, and a designer of distinction. Seeing a void in the fashion industry, specifically for young kids clothing, sparked Canson’s interest in creating her own trendy boutique for young kids.

Canson takes pride in handpicking each piece of her current merchandise. Canson makes sure she chooses quality and durability for her royal customers. She plans to release her own signature sets of jogging suits and jackets starting in Fall 2018. "Both compassion and consideration are within every piece I design and create, I too as a mother know how important it is to let your children express themselves, fashionably from an early age" states Canson.

Fashion identity and individuality plays an important role in children’s lives, you are how you dress. Leadership is within your outer expression, and that’s what Canson wants Royal Kids Collection supporters to feel; like a tribe of assertive young kids who know who they want to become. Royal Kids Collection consists of embellished hoodies, t-shirts, and joggers. Current brands include Little Man Happy, Sometime Soon, & Lennon & Wolfe. The children’s boutique has already proven to be a timeless yet contemporary store; with a dash of style that epitomizes street inspired concepts with high-end fashion elements. Future project goals for the mom entrepreneur and budding designer include increasing children’s influencer participation with Royal Kids Collection, releasing the RKC's capsule collection, and more.

Be Rare, Be Bold, Be Royal

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